Monona United Methodist Church
Friday, September 20, 2019

Core Values

Joyful Celebration: (Worship) We joyfully celebrate God’s gifts of life, love, and grace through worship, baptism, communion, and prayer. With open hearts and open minds we invite all people to experience a transformational relationship with Christ.
Spiritual Growth: (Discipleship) We are committed to a life-long journey of spiritual growth and intentional faith development. As disciples of Christ we are dedicated to discovering innovative ways to help others grow in their faith. We take responsibility to develop leaders for our varied ministry areas.
Authentic Community: (Fellowship) We are a loving, caring, multi-ethnic and multi-generational Christian community on a spiritual journey together. We are committed to nurturing authentic relationships that create a unified Body of Christ.
Compassionate Service: (Missions/Ministry) We are called as servants to witness God's love for all people through community outreach, service, and missions. Through our words and deeds, God changes not only the lives of others, but our lives as well. We strive to be actively involved in social justice issues, working toward the goal of justice for all people.
Gracious Generosity: (Stewardship) Because God has blessed us with His abundance, we graciously share our gifts of time, talent, and resources to support the ministry efforts of our church. We recognize that everyone has spiritual gifts, and we help each other identify and share those gifts. We strive to be good stewards of the environment and of all our resources.