Monona United Methodist Church
Friday, September 20, 2019

Social Justice

The Church & Society Work Area is concerned with contemporary ethical and social justice issues and how Christians can respond to them from the perspective of the Christian faith. We see our role as consciousness raising, education, and advocacy. In our programs, we try to focus on local, state, national, and international issues. In recent years, we have sponsored programs on problems such as immigration, healthcare, global warming, bullying, sustainable agriculture, and sponsored movie nights utilizing films that deal with social justice concerns.
The Greater Madison Area Poverty Summit, held in Madison on September 30, 2014, was organized by the Wisconsin Council on Churches especially for ministry leaders and people of faith. The purpose of the summit was to draw attention to the persistent high percentage of child poverty in our state and around in our country. In response to that summit and the sad facts, we are sharing with you a Conversation with Jesus about Poverty in the US Today. We are hoping that this conversation will speak to you and that you would share this dialogue with your friends and relatives. Click the link below to access the document.
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Conversation with Jesus about Poverty in the US Today